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The Arnold Art Society was formed in 1967 and continues to follow in the footsteps of one of our most prominent artists, namely Richard Parkes Bonington, who was born in Arnold in 1802. The Society is affiliated to the Gedling Borough Art Association.

The membership currently consists of 100 artists, of whom eighteen are honorary. Honorary members are those who have achieved this status through distinguished service to the Society over a number of years.

The Constitution of the Society is kept under regular review and was last amended at the 2002 AGM. One of its main aims has always been to allow membership to anyone interested in art and painting. There are no restrictions relating to ability and this means that beginners with little or no experience can feel as much a part of the Society as those who have been painting for many years.

Members enjoy a full programme of activities throughout the year and meet on a regular basis at the Pond Hills Lane Community Centre. There are practical sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Wednesday evenings. In the winter, on alternate Wednesday evenings, the practicals are replaced by demonstrations presented by professional artists. These demonstrations are invaluable and offer members the opportunity to see experts at work and to obtain useful tips through question time to help improve their painting techniques. The Society's Camcorder system is set up to record the demonstration and also to transmit it to two television screens and loudspeakers in the room. For members using hearing aids, an audio frequency induction loop amplifier has been installed.

Life model classes using professional models are held on twelve occasions during the year.

Several one-day workshops are held throughout the year when members benefit from tuition provided by well-known artists. The cost of attendance at these workshops is very reasonable and offers excellent value for money, currently at £10 per session.

The Society holds two main exhibitions each year, in the Spring at the Pond Hills Lane Community Centre and another one in November. All members are eligible to submit paintings for display/sale and can enter a limited number of paintings at both exhibitions. All the exhibited paintings are judged by a professional artist and the selected winners of the different categories are presented with awards at the end of the exhibition by the Mayor/Lady Mayor of Gedling. To view the award winning paintings, click on the link Awards.

During the summer months, from the beginning of June, an outdoor programme is arranged for sketchers and painters. Members can attend either on Tuesdays (full day) or Wednesday evenings. A competition is usually held early autumn for the best work done outdoors on site. Members choose the winner themselves and a cup is presented.

Another summer activity is the arrangement of one or more outings to places of interest to the members. Such places include art galleries.

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