Internal Competitions Rules

 Internal Competition Rules 
These rules are designed to ensure that no entry has an unfair advantage and that judging is as fair and impartial as possible. The committee reserves the right to reject any entry NOT conforming to the rules. Artists must refrain from commenting on their work during the judging process as this will identify the artist. It is preferred that entries will be anonymous whilst judging takes place. 

Presentation of Entries – Drawing, Portrait and Margaret Scard Award 
– Only 1 entry per competition. 
– Work may be displayed in a plain single mount, but not framed. 
– Paintings on canvas or board may be presented unframed. 
– There must be NO identification marks on the front of the painting. This means – no signature, title or date to show. 

Presentation of Entries – Outdoor Sketching 
– Only 1 entry per location. Maximum 4 entries per member in total. 
– All entries must have been completed on location on the day. 
– Present works in a single mount. 
– Paintings on canvas or board may be presented unframed. 
– Sketch should show location and date (This can be shown on a mount or a separate note). 
– The artists name is NOT to be shown. 

Judging – Outdoor sketching, drawing and portrait competitions 
The paintings will be placed on display. A number will be placed by each painting by the competition organiser. Members are issued with voting slips and asked to write down the number of the painting of their choice. The votes are then counted. After a general review of the paintings the results are announced. Presentation of prizes / awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are then made. 

Judging – The Margaret Scard Award (Themed Competition) 
Please Note: This competition differs from the others, in the following way. The winner of the previous years competition selects the theme for the next years themed competition. He/She then reviews all the entries and chooses 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Alternatively, if they do not want to do this, judging can revert to voting by all the members present, as in the other internal competitions.